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Growing your business is YOUR JOB, building customer confidence in your business is OURS!


Our goal at XCYGENT is to help you achieve and remain compliant through industry best practice solutions and proven methodologies designed to secure your business processing environment, be it small or a large organization. Our consultants design scalable solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to afford you the luxury of focusing on growing your business.

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.


IT Governance Risk and Compliance is an exigency that no technology service provider can afford to ignore in these days of stringent regulatory oversights, cyber insecurities, corporate espionage, Hacktivism, Cyber crimes and Advance Persistent Threat APT Attacks. Regulators require it and customers demand it from their technology service provider both large and small . At XCYGENT we know and understand what is needed to satisfy both your regulatory obligations and meet your customer demands.  It is therefore not only wise to entrust us with your Governance Risk and Compliance concerns, it is expedient that you do so NOW; because, IT GRC is not only in our DNA, it is what WE DO BEST; establishing or restoring, and maintaining customer confidence in your business. Give us your sleepless nights.


While others offer a one size fits all or checklist approach, XCYGENT on the other hand helps you achieve a risk based sustainable and compliant IT environment, customized for your business from end to end using globally accepted risk methodologies. Cast your IT Risks and concerns upon us, we are poised to help you mitigate them.


You know how to grow your business, because you are the best at what you do. Do not let your compliance obligations get in the way of your creativity. We are the experts at helping our customers build a sustainable, scalable and holistic IT Governance that will address your compliance concerns and increase your customer confidence . Cast your compliance worries upon XCYGENT, we do IT right.


XCYGENT understands your IT Compliance needs and we will help you achieve them; no matter the industry you operate in or regulatory obligation you have. Cast your IT Compliance worries upon XCYGENT, we do IT right.